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TUCA Snowplow Blade
TUCA Blade Washington State

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High-quality flexible carbide snowplow blades: Tuca SX Wave


 New standards in snow removal!

A state-of-the-art, high performance snow plow blade designed for long- term use. Once again, Küper is setting new standards in snow removal with the Tuca SX Wave. Detailed requirements analysis and constant advances in blade development lead to trailblazing product innovations like the patented Küper Wave Technology, which uses a curvedprofile to remove snow without resistance. Separate tungsten holders embedded in rubber and vulcanized between frontand rear Hardox 400 steel plate make the TUCA SX incredibly durable. The result is a combination blade with carbide whichcan stand up to multiple road surfaces encountered while plowing, effectively clearing even the most extreme roadswithout damaging the surface. 600% more effective than conventional carbide blades.


Tuca SX Features

  • State-of-the-art, high performance snow plow blade designed for long- term use
  • Wave Technology
  • Extremely durable
  • Tungsten carbide inlays
  • For the toughest jobs
  • Excellent scraping properties
  • Stands up to obstacles and uneven roads
  • No damage to the road surface
  • Can be used on all road surfaces except dirt and
  • The Küper Cooling System features special openings to keep the blade from heating


  • Tungsten Carbide: A chemical compound consisting of equal parts tungsten and It is characterized by its extreme hardness, which is nearly as high as that of diamonds. This material stands up to the toughest loads.
  • Rubber: These grades of rubber were developed specifically to meet demanding road This extremely wear-resistant,flexible and elastic material effectively adapts to changes in the road surface.
  • Steel: This special  wear-resistant 1045 steel is water- hardened to 400 Brinell and has a tensile strength of approx. 195,000 psi. It stands up to the toughest jobs.


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