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Tensioned screen

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Reliable attachment and outstanding
screen materials.

Reliable attachment and outstanding screen materials

Küper tensioning screens are used for abrasive materials or ones that tend to plug and blind screens. Side- and endtensioned systems can be produced in Gigant, Clean, Küprene and GK-Soft. The structure of the screen panels is based on the material, however. Steel cables and reinforcements are surrounded by and support the heavy-duty material. The cables absorb the tensile forces in the direction of flow. We produce panels in various dimensions, hook types, opening types and sizes depending on our customers´ requirements. The screens are produced using moulds, creating tapered openings - a plus when dealing with materials which tend to plug or blind. Standard screen panels are punched out of durable rubber mats and feature spherical openings. Fabric is also inserted in these standard panels for reinforcement. If necessary, tension bars and hooks are affixed to the punched mat.

  • Comical hole structure, resulting in fewer blockages
  • For side- and end-tensioned systems
  • Produced to meet customer requirements, customised versions available 
  • Unlimited selection of opening types
  • Available in all Küper materials
  • Available for all screening machines
Special characteristics
  • Screen panels which are designed precisely to your requirements 
Wear life comparison in dry preparation

In the case of hot-vulcanised rubber screen
panels the service life in comparison to wire is many times longer.

  • Gigant

    Moulded vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 60 Shore A. Very abrasion resistant and elastic.

  • Küprene

    Wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of 90 Shore A. Elastic and impact resistant. Resistant to water and many chemicals.

  • Clean

    Moulded vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 35 Shore A. Highly flexible  and abrasion resistant.

  • GK-Soft

    Polyurethane in various hardnesses up to 85 Shore A. Wear resistant and elastic.