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As the market leader, we are familiar with the technology used in your machines, vehicles and systems. Each situation is a unique experience for us. Decades of experience, the love for detail and a passion for excellent services is what makes Küper´s brand of service so special.

Most of our high-quality rubber and synthetic items are custom built and designed for each individual application. We collaborate with professionals to develop the perfect solution for each job. We always focus on using the highest quality, wearresistant materials. We see the individual requirements of our customers as exciting challenges to tailor our products to each situation - and opportunities

for dynamic future development.

The results of our research and the use of new materials and technologies lead to trailblazing product innovations, such as our patented VARIA and IDEAL plug systems for use in screening, the development of combination snowplow blades and our new patented TUCA SX WAVE, made with tungsten carbide inlays.


Küper Wave Technology. Innovation from the field of fluid mechanics.

Small wave, big effectt: Wave

Wave Technology is the latest development from Küper. The problem is well known:
The parts used to attach the snowplow blades, mainly the adjustment clamps but even the bolt heads, obstruct the flow of snow from the road surface into the plough section. Depending on the weather conditions, the snow is sprayed over the plough on to the vehicle windscreen. This restricts the driver’s visibility and causes the snow to cake on to the windscreen, which results in failure of the windscreen wiper motor.

Our new Wave Technology prevents the build-up of snow, slush and dust on the windscreen: A wave in the front plate of the snowplow blade optimises the snow flow. The snow is deflected from the wave and glides without obstruction or resistance over the attachment fittings – bolts, adjustment clamps or the Plus fastening system – into the plough section. The suction effect under the snow wave ensures that the snowplow blade fastening neck is free from caked-on snow, which in turn reduces the overall weight of the plough. The frictionless flow of snow reduces the energy required for snowplowing.