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Tuca SX Underbody / Kombi Underbody

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High-quality blades for Top Performance on Underbody Style Plows

Our Combination Underbody “UB” Blades:

Both the TUCA SX UB and Kombi S UB employ similar components and construction as our TUCA and Kombi front style plows blades, incorporating either ceramic or carbide wear components within flexible rubber and wear resistant plates in a size and format suited for all underbody style plows. Proven for over 20 years across the world, these combinations provide extreme longevity and superb cleaning of the road surface in addition to the significant reduction in vibration and noise that operators have come to expect from Kueper Plow Blades. Our proven products are subject to constant quality monitoring allowing us to maintain the highest standards when it comes to the development and optimization of our products.

  • Tungsten carbide inlays
Fields of operation
Country road
Car park
  • Extremely durable
  • For the toughest jobs
  • Excellent scraping properties
  • No damage to the road surface
  • For UB snowplow blades
  • Can be used on all paved road surfaces
  • Corundum

    The second-hardest mineral in the oxide category. It is especially suited for use as an inlay in highly abrasionresistant snowplow blades. Corundum-molded parts are produced specifically for our various types of blades.

  • Tungsten carbide

    A non-oxidised ceramic consisting of the elements tungsten and carbon. It is characterised by its extreme hardness, which is nearly as high as that of a diamond. This material stands up to the toughest loads.