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For winter

Clearing roads and paths with Küper
snowplow blades.

Efficient snow removal

A functioning road network provides the basis for a healthy economy and is essential to maintaining a high quality of life. This is why we need to keep our roads in perfect condition at all times.

Each year, road authorities face the challenge of dealing with snow and ice. An efficient and effective snow removal system is necessary to keep traffic moving freely and safely. Küper supplies snowplow users with innovative snowplow blades designed to handle every job.

Custom-made design

On request we can design and fabricate snowplow blades to meet specific requirements. Please contact us with your particular wishes and requirements.


Blades for all
fields of operations

Country road
Car park


Different types of snowplow blades are required for different environments - from motorways, country roads and the city centre to airport landing fields or village squares. We work closely with snowplow manufacturers to customise our leading blades to each model and have devoted over 40 years to dew developments in this segment.

This is how we discover new materials and use them to create innovations like our patented Tuca SX Wave blade. This extremely abrasion-resistant blade features a waved profile for more effective snow removal. The Kombi S 50, S 36 and S 25 combination blades are considered the standard blades for use in municipalities across Europe for over 20 years.

  • Tungsten carbide

    A hard metal which consists of the elements tungsten and carbon. It is characterised by its extreme hardness, which is close to that of a diamond. This material stands up to the toughest jobs.

  • Rubber

    These grades of rubber were developed especially for extreme road requirements. They are extremely wear-resistant, flexible and elastic to adapt effectively to the surface of the road.

  • Corundum ceramic

    The second-hardest mineral in the oxide category. It is especially suited for use as an inlay in highly abrasion resistant snowplow blades. Ceramic moulded parts are produced specifically for our various types of blades.

  • Steel

    This special wear-resistant steel is quenched and tempered to 400 Brinell and has a tensile strength of 1350 N/mm² (200000 P.S.I.). It stands up to the toughest jobs.

  • Polyurethane

    Küprene is a high performance, versatile polyurethane used for Küprene snowplow blades. Very good physical properties, low wear and temperature resistant from -90 to +70º C.