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The Super Combination Blade for All Types of Snowplows and Multiple Road Surfaces.

High-quality flexible carbide snowplow blades: TucaSXWave

The Long-Lasting and Abrasion-Resistant Rubber-Ceramic Blade.

High-quality snowplow blades to protect the roadway and runway

The Next Generation of Flexible Snowplow Blades

Outstanding performance and durability through increased flexibility.

Kueper Premium Carbide Insert Snowplow Blade

Kueper by Kennametal snowplow blades are constructed of AISI-SAE 1045 steel, with wear resistant, high quality tungsten carbide inserts. Available in 3’ or 4’ lengths, and made for all types of snowplows and road surfaces.

The Standard Combination Blade for Over 20 Years

High-quality Blades for Top Performance on Underbody Style Plows.

The Versatile Combination Blade For The Toughest Jobs

The standard for 20 years

The Standard Combination Blade For Over 20 Years

High-quality Blades for Top Performance on Underbody Style Plows